Coroner’s Inquest
Coroner’s Inquest

The purpose of a Coroner’s  inquest is to determine the cause and circumstances surrounding a death rather than find fault or liability. The determination of inquest proceedings may however be relevant in subsequent civil proceedings that establish liability and assess possible damages for the estate of the deceased.   

An inquest (with a jury) must be held when a death occurs in police custody, a prison or remand centre and is usually held when a death occurs in an industrial accident. Inquests are otherwise held (with or without a jury) when a death occurs suddenly, by accident or by violence and/or under suspicion circumstances.

We are able to assist spouses and/or relatives of the deceased (‘Properly Interested Persons’) in all matters leading up to and including representation at a Coroner’s Inquest. This may involve liaising with police conducting the Death Investigation, the Coroner’s Officer and Court; reviewing and advising on the Death Investigation and Autopsy Reports and, if necessary, engaging medical or other experts to advise and give evidence at the Inquest.

Cases we deal with include but are not limited to:

  • Advising and assisting upon death being pronounced and upon a Death Investigation being initiated.
  • Preparing for an inquest.
  • Representing Properly Interested Persons at an inquest.
  • Challenging directions / determination by the Coroner in inquest proceedings by way of judicial review in the Court of First Instance.
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