We have extensive experience liaising, negotiating and litigating with the Immigration Department with regards to a wide range of immigration matters including visa applications and issues relating to entitlement for the Right of Abode, verification of eligibility for Permanent Hong Kong Identity Cards and confirmation of the Right to Land.

We are also experienced in handling contentious matters including Immigration Department investigations, prosecutions, removals, deportations, CAT claims and applications for refugee status.


Visa services – contact us for advice on obtaining:-

  • Employment visas
  • Investment visas
  • Employment/investment visas
  • Capital Investment Entrant Scheme visas
  • Dependant visas
  • Prolonged Visitor visas
  • Student visas
  • Training visas
  • Domestic Helper visas


Unusual or complex areas – we also have specialist experience in the following:-


  • Prolonged visitor visas and multiple entry permits, for residents’ dependants falling outside the policy (e.g. parents not meeting the stipulated age requirements, gay and lesbian couples not determined as each others’ “spouse” by the Immigration Department and other genuine dependants);


  • Employment visas for newly-founded companies, for those without a local work force, for not-for-profit organisations, for applicants not holding a first degree in a related subject and for applicants falling outside the policy by reason of their nationality;


  • Right of abode applications by 2(d) of the Immigration Ordinance (7 years ordinary residence), where the applicant has been absent from Hong Kong for considerable or unexplained periods of time;


  • Right of abode applications by 2(c) of the Immigration Ordinance (Chinese nationals born abroad), where Chinese Nationality is disputed; and


  •  Overstaying and breach of condition charges in the context of human trafficking.


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